Kidz Kwire
In the children’s choir at CVBC, we call it the Kidz Kwire so the children would know it’s something that sets them apart and to know it’s cool to be different.  The wire in Kwire reminds us how music connects us to each other and to our Heavenly Father.
Each Sunday evening while the adults are enjoying evening worship in the main sanctuary, we get together in our wonderfully acoustic room where we pray together, laugh together, eat together, color together, create together and, oh yes, we sing a little too!  Some songs even require learning a little sign language which really puts a smile on the face on those who participate but also the parents when they see their children share it with their family at home.  We also learn about different instruments and how their sounds differ from each other but serves a purpose to making beautiful music both alone and in an orchestra of musical instruments.
As the children learn various types of songs, we learn not only the words, tune and rhythm of each song but the meaning of the words and story behind the song.  There is no sense in learning a song written about our Lord and Savior if we don’t understand the words of praise we’re lifting to His ears.  We are occasionally able to sing as a choir in the Sunday morning worship service, but recitals are not our primary goal or function.  We strive to instill a love of ‘Jesus music’ (as opposed to the other music produced by the world) that will live in their hearts for years to come and create joyful and confident congregational singers as well.
Once the children know their voice is being heard by God and how much He loves hearing their sweet songs, they will hopefully see the brilliant and magnificent God we see as adults each day.
This musical opportunity, alongside the other ministries we provide for children here at CVBC, is intended to show God’s love, share God’s gift of forgiveness, and shine a light on the path of righteousness that is available to each of them, if they only believe.